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Weightloss in Thyroid for Women under Age 40

First of all, just know you are not alone! You are sailing with a lot of other women on the same boat, let’s hope that comforts you a little before we proceed on how to deal with your thyroid effectively and get back to your gorgeous shape.

The thyroid is found common in women especially, according to the American Thyroid Association, one in eight women has the chance to develop a thyroid disorder in her lifetime. It isn’t age confined, you can develop the disorder at a young age but you deal with its gross problems in the middle age that is in the 20s and 30s.

The main cause of Thyroid dysfunction is consuming inadequate or too much thyroid hormone. Inadequate iodine intake is the most common cause of thyroid disorders. The thyroid hormones play a vital role under your skin, they regulate your breathing, temperature, heart rate, digestion, metabolic rate, and how quickly you can burn calories.

Unfortunately, the thyroid can have severe effects on both physical health and mental health. Women with thyroid under age 40 go through a lot of social stress because of the effects of thyroid on their appearance, especially weight gain and hair loss.

Most of the women with thyroid, can’t lose weight even with diet and exercise, maybe because you aren’t doing it the right way. So, here is a way to deal with this effectively and manage to shape yourself up with some right moves.

Let’s get started with the tips to lose weight with thyroid for women under age 40.
First and foremost, reduce your sugars and simple carbs

Cutting out the sugars and high glycemic index foods is necessary, as they are the underlying cause of inflammation in your body. The moderate-to-low carbohydrate diet focusing on complex carbs like starchy vegetables or legumes is recommended.

Again, on the other side of the trench, you have to maintain an adequate amount of calories to avoid stress and decreased hormone production.

  • Smaller but more” meals

Slow metabolism or digestive function in a combination of munching a lot of food at once and skipping the other meals results in weight gain.

So, you have to make wise decisions, especially in your eating patterns.

Eat smaller meals frequently with balanced nutrients. This will probably avoid the high and lows of processed meals and supports balanced sugar levels.

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Mainline Anti-inflammatory foods

Women with thyroiditis usually experience joint aches and pains. Eating anti-inflammatory foods will ease the pains, reducing depression and soothing the immune system. They also calm the inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory foods like green vegetables, tomatoes, fish, nuts, and olive oil ensure healthy liver function, which is essential as the liver is responsible for converting 60% of thyroid hormone.

  • Move your body

Besides the diet, religiously practicing light exercise can help you make a huge difference. Exercise complements a healthy diet and gives better results.

Make sure you prefer the exercises that help you manage your hypothyroid and lose weight in the right way. Seek the trainer’s advice if you are into hitting the gym regularly.

  • Stick to your medications

The thyroid hormones are prescribed to the patients. These hormones are supposed to be taken on an empty stomach with lots of water to maintain thyroid levels.

When on thyroid medication, avoiding other pills is suggested.
Make sure you take the medication properly as directed and maintain the thyroid levels. If you are unable to maintain the thyroid levels, then that might affect your ability to lose weight. In such cases consulting a doctor is recommended.

  • Word to the wise

Let’s hope you get some help from the above information. Strictly following the diet, exercise, and medication rules are important if you want to lose weight, see better results, and get back into shape. It isn’t easy but with determination, you can do it!  So, get going, lady!

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